Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Great Gift - Astrological Jewelry by

GemsNY, located in the heart of the jewelry district in New York, is an online extension of our 25 + year old wholesale gemstones business, specializing in selling loose rubies, loose sapphires, loose emeralds and diamonds to retail jewelers across the world.

Astrological Jewelry by

Our sole aim is to directly supply rubies, sapphires, emeralds and diamonds to our customers at wholesale prices, which is much lower than what is offered by retailers. Furthermore, GemsNY offers designer jewelry setting options for each of our stones.

A Great Gift - Astrological Jewelry

GemsNy has extensive experience in helping customers find the right astrological ring or pendant at wholesale prices. We offer thousands of stones that are suitable for vedic purposes and can be mounted to touch your body.

All our loose gemstones are procured from our offices / factories in India, Bangkok and Sri Lanka. Importantly, each piece is certified by distinguished gemstone laboratories.

GemsNY offers a wide range of affordable designer rings, pendants, studs and necklaces. These items may be bought as either preset, make your own, or custom designed with the help of GemsNY's custom design department.

We offer jewelry for various occasions including engagement rings, wedding rings, astrological rings, among others. Our ruby ​​rings, sapphire rings and emerald rings are distinctly designed to accent all your special moments.

We also offer customers popular designs and option to buy Princess Diana ring as its exact replica or select beautiful variations of Princess Diana ring from our sapphire and ruby ​​rings section.

When you buy from us you are assured that each gemstone product is genuine and at the best available price. For added convenience, please make an appointment to view our products in person at our headquarters in midtown New York.

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  1. I am looking to buy Blue sapphire, Could anyone can tell what is the benefit of wearing gemstone.


  2. I really like that ring. is Tsavorite Rings there?

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