Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Various Types of White Gold Toe Rings

The jewelry lover who goes online to shop for white gold toe rings not expect to place an order in a short amount of time. He or she is certain to spend a good deal of time examining the many selections. In fact, he or she might well be surprised at the many different types of white gold toe rings. A white gold toe ring does not have to be a simple metal band. It can be something with a polished or Matte surface. If a band has a Matte surface, then it can reflect even dull or soft light. The so-called “Connoisseur” bands are adjustable. In addition, each of them features contoured inner and outer surfaces.

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Sometimes a toe ring fashioned from white gold contains some type of design. I could be a very simple design, one that resembles a stripe. The image of stripes is created by putting a series of thin metal bands within a single ring. In that case they expose a bit of the skin on the toe, and thus that skin becomes part of the striped pattern. An alternate type of design is made by placing filigree work between the two sides of a ring.

Some white gold toe rings have been decorated with a single diamond. That clear gemstone can decorate a plain ring or one with a design. Moreover, not every ring has a diamond with the same sort of cut. A toe band does not have to have a just a single diamond. It can have a full channel of clear gemstones. It can also display an entire cluster of diamonds, typically one with seven or nine gems.

Baccarat Luxury Jewelry is French

What do you think of when thinking about Europe? Well, perhaps two countries spring to your mind. These two countries might be England and France. Okay, what do you think of when thinking of England? The thoughts that probably come to mind involve three things. These three things could be royalty, weather, and beverages. Okay, now, what do you think of when thinking of France? It could be the case that when thinking of France what comes to mind is culture, and richness. In addition, French culture included art, food, and architecture. In the category of food we tend to think of escargots, éclairs, and cream sauces.

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In addition, in the category of art the main focus could be a museum or two. Finally in the category of architecture we probably focus on the Eiffel Tower. While all of these French categories are worth many articles the focus of this article will be on French art. Now, it is well-known that French art involves many categories too, such as painting, sculpture, photography, and jewelry. This article will concentrate on French jewelry. In particular, it will focus on Baccarat luxury jewelry. This type of luxury jewelry is French.

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Now, it could be the case that people believe that jewelry is only an afterthought in the fashion world. Therefore, the thought could be that jewelry isn’t as important as the clothes that people wear daily. However, the assumption that jewelry should take a back seat to clothing is a mistaken assumption. In fact, the right jewelry can make an outfit great and the wrong jewelry can ruin an outfit.

Cartier Luxury Jewelry Has a Rich History

History is a great subject to study in any level of schooling. In addition, there are many categories of history to study in and out of an academic setting. Many history buffs might like to study American history, European history, or military history. Moreover, people who have a specific passion for something might study the history of dolls, the history of books, or the history of tea. Plus, fashion and jewelry lovers might enjoy studying the history of fashion and the history of jewelry. If studying the history of jewelry strikes your fancy then, it is suggested that you study Cartier jewelry. This is due to the fact that Cartier luxury jewelry has a rich history.

Cartier Jewelry

People might be aware that Cartier is a French luxury jeweler and watch manufacturer. The corporation carries the name of the Cartier family of jewelers whose control ended in 1964. They are well known for many pieces. These well known jewelry include a brooch, a diamond necklace, and the first practical wristwatch. This luxurious jewelry company is located in Paris. Did you know that Cartier luxury jewelry has a long and distinguished of serving royalty? The also have provided crème de la crème jewelry for stars and celebrities. In fact, it might be interesting to note that one Prince of Wales hailed Cartier as the King of Jewelers. Cartier received an order for 27 tiaras for the coronation of the future King. King Edward VII was crowned in both 1902 and 1904. He was so impressed with this French jeweler that he honored this company with the Royal warrant of supplier to the Royal Court of England. It might be interesting to know that similar warrants soon followed from the courts of Spain, Portugal, Russia, Greece, and Belgium. In addition, warrants also came from the House of Orleans and the Principality of Monaco.