Sunday, November 6, 2011

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The Mayan Calendar is regarded as one of the oldest and most important of the calendar systems. The Ancient Mayan calendar uses a count of 260 days. It gives each day a name, much like our days of the week. There are 20 day names, each represented by a unique symbol.

Astrology Pendants by InnerVoiceDesigns.Com

The days are numbered in groups from 1 to 13. Since there are 20 day names, after the count of thirteen is reached, the next day starts over at 1. The 260-day or sacred count Mayans calendar has been in use for centuries, probably before the beginning of writing.

The ancient Maya had a completely different understanding and interpretation of time than any other culture or civilization. The ancient Maya understood and accepted the fact that time is not linear; with each event leading to a future event in a typical fashion. Instead they believed that time is just a series of repeating cycles.

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As one cycle ends, it brings rebirth, and new cycle begins. This understanding is what led to the development of Mayan astrology based on the interpretations of the Mayan Calendar.

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