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The Various Types of White Gold Toe Rings

The jewelry lover who goes online to shop for white gold toe rings not expect to place an order in a short amount of time. He or she is certain to spend a good deal of time examining the many selections. In fact, he or she might well be surprised at the many different types of white gold toe rings. A white gold toe ring does not have to be a simple metal band. It can be something with a polished or Matte surface. If a band has a Matte surface, then it can reflect even dull or soft light. The so-called “Connoisseur” bands are adjustable. In addition, each of them features contoured inner and outer surfaces.

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Sometimes a toe ring fashioned from white gold contains some type of design. I could be a very simple design, one that resembles a stripe. The image of stripes is created by putting a series of thin metal bands within a single ring. In that case they expose a bit of the skin on the toe, and thus that skin becomes part of the striped pattern. An alternate type of design is made by placing filigree work between the two sides of a ring.

Some white gold toe rings have been decorated with a single diamond. That clear gemstone can decorate a plain ring or one with a design. Moreover, not every ring has a diamond with the same sort of cut. A toe band does not have to have a just a single diamond. It can have a full channel of clear gemstones. It can also display an entire cluster of diamonds, typically one with seven or nine gems.

Some white gold toe rings have been decorated with a colored gemstone. Some have both colored and clear stones. The ruby, the emerald and the sapphire are the three different gems that jewelers sometimes combine with one or more diamonds, when making a toe ring. Whenever two gems are used together on a band, then can be lined up in the band’s channel or clustered at the top. If placed in a cluster, then they often form a flower like decoration. By making such flower like clusters, jewelers have given themselves yet another way to add variety to the collection of white gold toe rings.

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While most bands with a flower like cluster have a colored stone in the center and diamond petals surrounding it, not every jeweler copies that pattern. At least one jeweler, one who works with emerald and clear gemstones has chosen to have emeralds as the petals in the two stone clusters. Therefore, any jewelry lover who wants to put bands on his or her toes faces a new choice, if inclined to pick a band that contains both diamonds and emeralds. First, he or she must decide between two those with a cluster and those with a channel of stones. Then, if electing to buy something with a flower like cluster, he or she must choose between those with green and those with clear petals.

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